Lopar - San Marino - island Rab - Croatia

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Lopar the island of Rab - Croatia

Lopar is situated on the northwest part of the Island of Rab and it is the most isolated place on the island. It is 12 km away from the City of Rab. People from Lopar are proud on a former resident of Lopar, sculptor Marin, who founded the famous Repoblic of San Marino.
Lopar is surrounded by 22 sandy beaches which attract many tourists (3 of which are nudist beaches; Ciganka, Sahara and Stolac). It is a great place for families with childrem bea+cause the sea is shallow, there are many trees and forests which provide shade for bathers. Next to the famous Paradise beach (1.5 km long) there is a camping site and an enterntainment facility for leisure. This tourist destination also has many different facilities such as a sports center (tennis courts, miniature golf, soccer, beach volleyball, tabletennis etc.), restaurants, shops, beach clubs, water recreation facilities…
 Distances: Supetarska Draga (6 km) * Kampor (10 km) * Rab (12 km) * Baška on the Island of Krk (10 km).
 Connection with land:
 1. Jablanac – Mišnjak – ferry drives all year long 8- 20 times a day, it takes 15 minutes, and 20 more minutes by car to reach Lopar – this is the fastest way
2. Krk (Valbiska)– Lopar – ferry  drives during the summer months 3-8 times a day, it takes cca. 1 hourto come to Rab
3. Catamaran(boat)  Rijeka-Rab – it takes 1 hour and 45 minutes to come to Rab.



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